21, NY


I play drums in a band called Bleed Away

Vegetarian for 8 years

I'm a nintendo freak

Psych major in school and life
I've been learning Japanese independently for 7 years, I cosplay and shit

Everything is funny, but that might be because I'm a raging asshole
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afreakunwanted inquires: Looking great ❤️


3milix inquires: Does y'all's band ever play shows

We play every weekend but we are still local, but one of our shows coming up will be featured on our local radio station because we are opening for a band that is currently played on the radio, we are doing all that we can to expand and we’ve been very lucky considering this is our first season out. Supporting local music is the best thing anyone could to do help musicians get their foot in the door and feet on the ground







The struggle to find other lesbians is real

Single lesbians*

single local* lesbians

single local lesbians who find me attractive*

single local lesbians who I find attractive and who also find me attractive*

Who aren’t crazy *

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